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Aliens Abducting Cow Lamp

Aliens Abducting Cow Lamp. The cow abducting alien is an alien that appeared in daylight savings. It is pretty sweet, right?

It is pretty sweet, right? The lamp features a cast metal ufo that looks faithful to science fiction images of alien ships as depicted in classic films and television shows. This little 'kit' is so well thought through;

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We Don’t Know Why That Is, But It Seems To Be An Undeniable Fact If Pop Culture Is To Be Believed.

I was going to go for a more expensive alien abduction lamp, but justed wanted to put something on a shelf. Ufo with tractor beam, ufo scifi lamp with led, saucer. Your governments can no longer cover up what can only be described as a monumental moment in humanity;

The Device Is Pointed At The Animal’s Hindquarters—A Probe Perhaps.

A clear perspex resin acts as the beam, shining down on the hapless bovine. Everybody knows that extraterrestrial aliens only want to do two things: They sometimes seem to release the cows, sometimes not.

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars.

It's eventually revealed that the aliens are also cows, and since they're doing a rescue effort after a disaster on their planet they're just grabbing whatever might be one of them. I thought it would be fun to make one for my own personal use out of materials i found at the dollar store. What do those sneaky aliens want with the bovine?

The Alien Abduction Cow Lamp Was Once Available For Purchase, But Now, Alas, It Is >Sold Out.

Table lamp (cow is abducted by aliens). Sightings of ufos aka flying saucers are a wild fantasy dream or intriguing depending on which side you’re on. Epoxy these two pieces together so they will fit in the back of the ufo.

I Put This Together From Dollar Tree Things.

Cast in metal with a beautiful black pearl finish, the flying saucer section of the lamp features glowing windows complete with curious aliens. Run the lamp cord through the hole you cut and wire it to the socket. Digital file for cutting cnc or laser.

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