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There are a tools called candle of the deep 5e which is I got from 5e.tools website. I am going to share with you some information related to this tools and what I found on some forum that talks on this type of candle.

The Meanings of The Candle of The Deep

It is The flame of this candle is not extinguished when immersed in water. It gives off light and heat like a normal candle.

On the gameplay, the rules for traps in the Dungeon Master’s Guide pro- the trap to activate. Effect. A trap’s effect occurs after it activates.

The vide the basic information you need to manage traps. at the game table. The material here takes a different, trap might fire a dart, unleash a cloud of poison gas, more elaborate approach—describing traps in terms of cause a hidden enclosure to open, and so on.

Their game mechanics and offering guidance on creating try specifies what the trap targets, its attack bonus or. traps of your own using these new rules.

Saving throw DC, and what happens on a hit or a failed. Rather than characterize traps as mechanical or magi- saving throw. simple and complex. in a variety of ways by using ability checks or magic. SIMPLE TRAPS This entry in a trap’s description gives the means for counteracting the trap.

It also specifies what happens, if. A simple trap activates and is thereafter harmless or anything, on a failed attempt to disable it. easily avoided. A hidden pit dug at the entrance of a goblin lair, a poison needle that pops from a lock, and RUNNING A SIMPLE TRAP a crossbow rigged to fire when an intruder steps on a. pressure plate are all simple traps. To prepare for using a simple trap in play, start by making note of the characters’ passive Wisdom (Perception).

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ELEMENTS or A SIMPLE TRAP scores. Most traps allow Wisdom (Perception) checks. The description of a simple trap begins with a line that to detect their triggers or other elements that can tip off. gives the trap’s level and the severity of the threat it their presence.

Following a general note on what the trap looks mation, they might suspect a hidden danger. like and how it functions are three paragraphs that tell. When a trap is triggered, apply its effects as specified. how the trap works in the game. Level and Threat.

A trap’s level is actually a range of in its description. If the characters discover a trap, be open to adjudicat-. levels, equivalent to one of the tiers of play (levels 1—4,. 5—10, 11-46, and 17—20), indicating the appropriate time ing their ideas for defeating it. The trap’s description is. to use the trap in your campaign.

Additionally, each trap. poses either a moderate, dangerous, or deadly threat, a starting point for countermeasures, rather than a com-based on its particular details.

A simple trap activates when an event occurs To make it easier for you to describe what happens. that triggers it. This entry in a trap’s description gives next, the players should be specific about how they want. to defeat the trap. Simply stating the desire to make a check isn’t helpful for you.

Ask the players where their. Simple trap (level 1—4, moderate threat).

If you want to improve the chance that the characters will. come up against the traps you’ve set for them in an en- Some folk who build dungeons, such as mad wizards. counter or an adventure, it can be tempting to use a large in search of new victims, have no intention of allowing. number oftraps. Doing so ensures that the characters will their visitors to make an easy escape.

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A falling portcullis. have to deal with at least one or two ofthem, but it’s better trap can be especially devious if it causes a portcullis. to fight that urge. to drop some distance away from the pressure plate. that activates the trap. Although the trap is deep in the. lf your encounters or adventures are sown with too dungeon, the portcullis closes off the dungeon entrance, many traps, and ifthe characters are victimized over and which is hundreds of feet away, meaning that adventure.

Over again as a result, they are likely to take steps to pre- ers don’t know they are trapped until they decide to head. vent further bad things from happening. Because of their recent experience, the characters can become overly cau- for the exit. A creature that steps on the pressure plate. as the players search every square inch ofthe dungeon for. trip wires and pressure plates. triggers the trap. Efl’ect. An iron portcullis drops from the ceiling.

Traps are most effective when their presence comes as a. surprise, not when they appear so often that the characters blocking an exit or a passageway. spend all their effort watching out for the next one.

The Story of The Candle and DC 20 Dexterity

Electricity 20 Skill check using thieves’ tools disables it, The following simple traps may be used to populate your along with a check with a complete of 5 or lower triggers the trap. Simple trap (level 1-4, harmful threat) Simple trap (level 5-10, harmful threat).

A bear trap resembles a collection of iron jaws that springs The temple of Pyremius, a god of re, is threatened by. shut when walked on, clamping lower on the creature’s thieves seeking to steal the re opals displayed there. leg. The trap is spiked in the ground, departing the victim by the clergymen in tribute for their god.

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A mosaic on the immobilized door of the entryway to the inner sanctum offers a. Trigger. A creature that steps on the bear trap every rebuke to intruders. Anybody who steps on the mosaic causes the Effect. The trap bakes an attack against the trigger~ to erupt from this. Individuals who freely put on holy symbols of. ing creature. The attack includes a 8 attack bonus and deals Pyremius don’t trigger this trap.

The 5 (M10) piercing damage on the hit. This attack can’t gain. advantage or disadvantage. A creature hit by the trap Effect. A 15-feet cube of  every erupts, covering the curr and it has its speed reduced to . It can’t move until it breaks sure plate and the area surrounding it. Each creature in the. free of the trap, which needs a effective Electricity 15 area must create a Electricity 15 Skill saving throw, taking. Strength check by the creature or any other creature adja- 24 (7d6) ?re damage on the unsuccessful save, or half just as much.


Some of these wings might seem to be simply an ordinary cloak of old, black cloth, or they may be as elegant like a lengthy cape of blue down. When the wearer speaks the command word, the cloak becomes a pair of bat or bird wings that empower her to fly with a speed of 60 ft (good maneuverability). The Hypertext d20 SRDTM is a member of BoLS Interactive LLC .


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