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Carex Lamp Switch Turner

Carex Lamp Switch Turner. Special design helps to create a larger surface for switching on and off lamps. 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Carex enablers safety treads en33 8 count. Your feedback is vital to shaping our future products and offerings. Installing the lamp light switch knob is quick and easy, with no electrical connections required.

If You Push It All The Way In,.

Children with small hands and weak fingers may find it easier to use than standard switches, as well. To view those, click here. Carex pen & pencil cushion.

Switch, Lamp On/Off Turner Carex.

Increases leverage for turning key with minimal stress. Our easy key turners feature a universal fit for most standard keys. Fits over top of most standard switch lamps and is ergonomically designed for minimal stress in helping those who have trouble turning small knobs due to arthritis or limited grip.

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The Carex Lamp Switch Turner Fits Right Over Any Existing Switch.

It turns any standard lamp switch into a larger, more convenient to use lamp switch knob. Just be sure to stop as soon as it snaps into place. Snaps over any standard key.

Carex Carex Health Brands Apex Enablers Zipper & Button Puller.

Some lamp light switch knobs turn easily, some don't. Your feedback is vital to shaping our future products and offerings. The lamp switch enlarger does not fit push button style switches.

Maybe You Can Be The First !

Fits over most standard lamp switches. Carex health brands products, wholesale prices on all carex health brands equipment and medical supplies. 1.5 inches wide, 1.5 inches high, 0.81 inches deep.

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