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Color Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp

Color Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp. Bring some peace and tranquillity to your home with this colour changing himalayan salt lamp. Handcrafted, himalite’s himalayan led color changing salt lamps are mined from 100% pure himalayan salt rock.

As these lamps are natural salt and handcrafted, each lamp could slightly differ in shape and color. Antimicrobial salt properties prevent mould and bacteria. Replacement led wooden base for the color changing salt lamp, this not for regular bulb salt lamps.

Antimicrobial Salt Properties Prevent Mould And Bacteria.

This himalayan shop shade transforming uniqueness salt lamp features attractive enjoyable transforming colors that will certainly brighten your area with a soft light. Light up your rooms with authentic pink himalayan salt. Real himalayan salt lamp are chiseled by hand and display a perfect pink color.

Many Are Curious And Want To Know If These Benefits Are Backed By Science.

100% pure himalayan pink crystal rock salt, hand made and hand carved in himalayas in pakistan Hence, saving you from allergic problems. Once lit, they radiate a very soothing and warm amber color.

It's Made From Real Himalayan Salt And Is Fitted With Led Lights That Slowly Transition Between Colours, Bringing A Soothing Vibe To Your Room.

It's made from real himalayan salt and is fitted with an led light than gently transition between colours, bringing a soothing vibe to your room. It has boast natural healing properties. Himalayan salt lamp colors are the most attractive element of these special lamps made of natural salt from mother earth.

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The Natural Pink Crystal Composition Promotes Relaxation, Reduces Stress And Purifies The Air.

Natural shape salt lamps as the bulb enlightened salt lamp emits a calming amber color and negative ions thus it creates an effect of ionizer. These lamps are made from hard blocks of ancient salt. Led lights slowly transition between colours.

That Makes The One You Own Even More Special.

It's made from real himalayan salt and is fitted with led lights that gently fade between colours, bringing a soothing vibe to a room. The lamp softly changes through a sequence of colours and the led bulb lasts for approx 5,000 to 10,000 hours. Its antimicrobial salt properties prevent mould and bacteria and, being usb powered, you can use it at any usb port you have!.

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