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How To Measure Lamp Harp

How To Measure Lamp Harp. One may also ask, how are lamp shades measured? The way to measure is from the bottom of the harp to the top of the harp, but not the top of the fitted trim head, the size of the harp does not include the length of the trim head.

Approximately 2/3 rds height of lamp. A 10” floor lamp base should have an 18” bottom diameter shade. It does not include the saddle in the measurement.

Measure Work Have Three Steps:

How do you know what size harp to buy for a lamp? Cup harps typically measure between 6” and 9”. Approximately 2/3 rds height of lamp.

To Measure The Lamp Harp Size, Have A Tape Measure Or Ruler Handy.

This measurement will be your required lampshade height. So, the bigger your shade, the higher wattage you can have. Guidelines for determining size of harp lamp shade needed.

Then, Note How Many Inches It Runs From The Topmost Part Of The Harp To The Socket Cap.

Multiply the height of your. Using a measuring tape or a ruler, measure your lamp from the bottom of the base to the point where the electrical socket attaches to the base. To determine the size, measure the bottom diameter of the floor lamp base.

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It Typically Comes In Two Separate Parts, A Saddle Which Is Fastened Under The Lamp Socket, And The Harp Itself Which Consist Of A Lightweight Frame Attached To The Saddle At Its Lower End And Extending Upwards To A Point Above The Bulb.

*if the lamp already has a harp and you’re satisfied with its height, simply measure the harp from its top to the base of the electrical socket. How do you know what. With several sizes and finishes to choose from, lampsusa gives you the freedom to create the perfect look.

A 10” Floor Lamp Base Should Have An 18” Bottom Diameter Shade.

The bottom of the shade should just cover the lamp switch so be sure to measure the harp before buying. Please see the information provided in frequently asked questions about. To choose the right lamp shade width, measure your lamp base and multiply by two.

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